Waveform Energetics Training

Great opportunity for training at your venue: Led by Stella Webster & Julie Tasker see www.waveformenergetics.com

Training course dates:  to be arranged.  Please ask or suggest dates

Waveform Energetics®
‘Stepping into Mastery’

Waveform – Detecting the Ripples of Life.


There are two myths that hold back personal development in energy work:
1) That deep insight into the workings of the energetic matrix is only for the gifted.
2) That development in energy work takes a long time and lot of hard work.

Neither could be more wrong!
Each of us is constantly transmitting and receiving energetic information.
The degree of awareness required to recognise this comes, not from the amount of time served, but from a state of ‘readiness’.
This leap in understanding should only take DAYS, not YEARS.
You already have all the information; you just need the means to access it!

Waveform is a process that enables direct access into the energetic matrix.

Energetic awareness is not confined to any single therapy application. All energetic therapies are based on common principles of energetic change and these are only one manifestation amongst a great many that are open to us as energetic beings.

“Waveform has given me the confidence to take on challenging clients and work with what is there.  It doesn’t matter what you work with, the energy will inform as to what needs to happen.  It is just a case of listening.
As anyone Waveform trained can tell if changes are occurring, it raises the possibility of learning and developing techniques quickly and effectively.  This brings confidence, results and satisfied clients, which in turn provides the key to move forwards professionally”. Nicky Day – Shiatsu Practitioner

Waveform Part A  – For application forms and course information contact Stella Webster stella@energymasters.co.uk or look on www.waveformenergetics.com

It is not easy to put into words what is in effect a personal experience.
In fact it is a big mistake to do so, as it is human nature to then have expectations of what the experience ‘should’ be.
As in Remote Viewing – ‘front loading’ creates impressions and preconceptions that get in the way of direct experience.

Here is an appraisal of the outcomes of the workshops and attached are articles and testimonials which will give and idea of what waveform students have achieved within the first two modules.
More information can however, be found on www.waveformenergetics.com.

Training in Waveform
Basic training in Waveform is in three, two-day modules.
During this time your coaches will lead you through the practical experience of recognising and accessing the various qualities and textures of energy, through to your own personal realisation of Waveform.
With this realisation, a magical world and a whole new dimension of functioning opens up to you, including the ability to obtain information and create changes across space and time.
For many of our students the realisation of Waveform has opened the door to profound spiritual experiences.

Our coaches are highly trained and carefully selected for their practical Waveform skills and insights; and for their ability to recognise what the student needs in order to be guided to their own point of self-realisation.

Part A module 1 – Perceiving Universal energy
Acquiring the energetic tool of Receptors.
This first practical module clearly demonstrates the tangibility of the energetic environment and demonstrates that you can create significant changes in the energy field that someone else can feel. Our coaches will help you move beyond your own personal programming to acquiring the sensory tool of Receptors, which provide direct and immediate access to changes in the energy field anywhere, in any situation.

Part A module 2 – Integration into life
Acquiring the energetic tool of Resonances.
(Applying your Energetic Skills and identifying information from your subconscious) – This workshop has two outcomes;
1) Applying your energetic skills in a practical way in relationships, business and life in general, and recognising what you really want out of life.
2) Accessing emotional changes, and the information it imparts to you, externally in life and work, but also internally in your personal relationship with the universe.

Waveform B (to be arranged at a later date)
Extending beyond the boundaries of distance and time.
In this workshop you will continue to develop and extend your insights and energetic skills. You will be introduced to frequencies and how they can be identified and also utilised in practical situations in life. You will have access to the latest Waveform research. Finally you will make that giant step beyond the boundaries of distance and time.

Waveform Part A (2 x 2 day Modules, with a one day break between the modules)
The cost of the course in 2012 was £540 including vat.
Lunches, refreshments and all course materials will be provided.

Venue: to be arranged

Contact: Stella Webster,  admin@energymasters.co.uk     www.waveformenergetics.com

Julie Tasker Tel: 07947 102 645
Email: info@jthealing.co.uk  www.jthealing.co.uk    If you don’t hear from Julie within 24 hours please try ringing or texting her as sometimes the email contacts don’t arrive.  Julie is usually really good at first acknowledging emails & then when she has more time giving a fuller answer if needed.


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