Soul Midwifery and coping with any loss

Soul Midwifery is about any loss such as a relationship breakdown, divorce and many other changes in life that we have to cope with.  The main emphasis is usually in helping people to ‘deal with their stuff’, facilitating forgiveness for themselves and others where that is possible and appropriate, and ease them through the living and dying process.

The inevitability of Life is Death.  If we start to talk about death as part of life it may help to alleviate fears and anxiety., and also help us to deal with our ‘stuff’ and enjoy our lives whilst we are living it.

Julie is now a Soul Midwife having completed Soul Midwifery Training with the founder, Felicity Warner.  She is looking forward to serving and supporting people in the many areas of our life that we experience loss and perhaps a need for forgiveness.  Julie has many other therapies which link well with Soul Midwifery such as reflexology, massage, shiatsu, sound healing; and has a firm belief that the person’s individual wishes are really important.  Perhaps you have a chosen to make your own home into a hospice in the community?  If so please invite Julie to discuss an appropriate package to serve your needs.

Soul Midwifery is usually about the preparation for death and the dying process with respect and dignity.



Soul Carers Project

Julie is involved in an exciting new project aimed at helping people to prepare for death and dying with respect and dignity.
This was initially at Woodleigh Christian Care Home, Mansfield, Notts  Julie’s involvement has been as a tutor for Sound Healing as a therapy, and to help carers gain some experience in becoming aware of the body’s energy and Energy Healing.


‘Julie is a gifted professional complementary therapist, healer, and teacher.

She is an excellent communicator and very down to earth.

Julie helps us deliver some of our courses, and is fantastic to work with, she is perceptive, receptive and flexible. We always have excellent feedback from the sessions she runs.’



Julie Tasker Tel: 07947 102 645
Email:    If you don’t hear from Julie within 24 hours please try ringing or texting her as sometimes the email contacts don’t arrive.  Julie is usually really good at first acknowledging emails & then when she has more time giving a fuller answer if needed.

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  1. Jerry

     /  December 17, 2015

    Do any of the Soul Midwife trainings take place in the Midlands.



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