About Julie Tasker: JT Healing Therapies

 ‘Happiness is

when what you think,

what you say, and what you do are

in harmony.’

Mahatma Gandhi

Julie Tasker

JT Healing Therapies based in Blidworth, NG21 0QG and also offers mobile sessions when Julie comes to you.

Julie is a professional complementary healthcare therapist and a qualified teacher.

 I entered the world of complementary healthcare therapies as my own life circumstances changed.  I enjoy the variety of life, and helping others to release their stresses, gain awareness of themselves and their physical/energetic body.  This may help you enjoy your life, however challenging. 
I have experience working as a therapist and teaching all ages from babies to adults.  I have a BSc (Hons) in Education and Psychology, BA(Hons) in Complementary Therapies – Shiatsu, and a PGCE for Qualified Teacher status.  I have worked in different roles, including in different communities, as well as in schools and colleges. 
I am proactive in encouraging the acceptance and integration of complementary therapies into a healthcare system for equal access by all.  I believe this involves helping people to understand, and increase awareness, of their own bodies and the impact of their own mind & , togetherwith offering ideas for self-help.  I offer support as a therapist and in training situations as a tutor. 
Would you like to attend meditation session, energy awareness, yoga, other workshops about complementary healthcare therapies and understanding yourself more, an introduction to healing, reiki and/or Health Kinesiology/Practice sessions?  These are ongoing & may also  be arranged e.g. 10am – 4pm for £30 each. Everyone welcome – contact Julie to book.  Refreshments will be provided.  Please bring your own lunch.
Julie is a member of the Federation of Holisitic Therapists (FHT) and used to be a Vice President of the FHT from July 2013 – July 2015; and was the FHT representative for Shiatsu in the Shiatsu Representatives UK (SRUK) organisation.  She was Director for the Shiatsu Society UK from April 2010 to May 2011 and took an active approach to her roles which included Treasurer and European Shiatsu Federation UK representative giving her some insight to the work of the European Commission in relation to complementary therapies.
In May 2010 Julie successfully completed her second degree BA (Hons) Complementary Therapies Shiatsu at The University of Derby – www.derby.ac.uk/news/awards-2011-julies-european-shiatsu-mission/
Julie enjoys travelling the UK and the World to learn more about life, such as ‘Happiness is a Choice’ workshop in Massachusettes, USA at the Option Institute www.option.org , Archetypal Consultancy training with Caroline Myss in Chicago http://www.myss.com/ , talks and workshops with his Holiness the Dalai Lama  http://www.dalailama.com/ in 2008 at Nottingham, UK; and a week retreat led by Thich Naht Hanh www.plumvillage.org at Nottingham University.
This is the blog and webpage of Julie Tasker. I hope you enjoy it!
Julie Tasker Tel: 07947 102 645
Email: info@jthealing.co.uk  www.jthealing.co.uk    If you don’t hear from Julie within 24 hours please try ringing or texting her as sometimes the email contacts don’t arrive.  Julie is usually really good at first acknowledging emails & then when she has more time giving a fuller answer if needed.

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